6 Reasons to Choose Romp

  • Custom Skis

    Custom skis, like a custom bike or a custom surfboard are designed to perform in the exact way needed by the user. Custom skis can help improve certain aspects of skiing or they can be designed to maximize the skills of the user. All of this is to get to the goal of making skiing more fun and easier. An off the rack ski is a compromise so it may be used by a range of user types. Custom skis do not have to a compromise, they are crafted individually to perform to highest benefit of the skier.

  • Hand Crafted

    Romp offers hand crafted skis tailored to your personal skills and needs.

  • Innovative

    Romp uses the latest technologies and materials in ski manufacturing.

  • Experience Euphoria

    Your turns have never felt so good. Float on powder, carve up groomers, or ski the moguls with ease with your customized Romp Skis.

  • Award Winning Skis

    Romp skis were not only chosen 4 years in a row, but also won the Editor’s Choice Award for 2018 - More Info Here!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We offer a damage replacement policy within a year of your skis purchase.