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Ultra Light

Carbon Fiber is costly to produce but when it comes to high strength-to-weight ratio it is one of the best products on the market. It reduces the weight of your skis drastically while still allowing Romp Skis to tune the flex pattern of your skis for your individual skiing style. Ultra light core materials further lighten these skis.

The Ultra Light option is a $200 add on for your skis.

Countervail ®

Countervail® is a patented carbon fiber vibration canceling material. Countervail® developer, Materials Sciences Corporation, says “testing has shown vibration damping values (2x or more) greater than other traditional vibration damping solutions used in composite constructions.” Countervail® allows Romp Skis to custom tailor the flex and damping of a ski to the specific needs of a customer, enabling ease of turning on hard snow, increased edge hold, reduced fatigue, and a more enjoyable skiing experience overall.

Countervail® is a $400 add on for your skis and includes the Carbon Fiber option.

The Ultra Light option is a $200 add on for your skis.

Romp Full-Custom

Romp full-custom ski shape $2000. Have you skied everything out there and dreamed up something better. The custom shape option gives you complete control over your skiing destiny. Romp’s ski designers work closely with you to build the ski you imagined. The Custom Shape option includes any/all the other options Romp offers. When you purchase a custom shape you own that shape and the right to have additional pairs made for discounted rate of $650. These pairs must have the same graphic, shape, and length as the original. The other options may be chosen for each pair.

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